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Business Design

Near future innovation that creates revenue.

Innovating inside a large corporation is hard. New ideas are fragile... there’s an infinite number of moving parts to coordinate and innovators face enormous risk-aversion from every corner of the organization.

However, exploring new ideas, channels or segments can be the difference between sustaining long term success and being disrupted.

Designing innovative businesses requires a human-centered, lean and hands-on approach. We can help.


Expedition Program

We believe innovation consultancy is broken.

Analysts, consultants and experts selling business innovation have failed to create solutions that organizations are actually able to adopt, implement and launch.

We’ve combined the best of our strategical and tactical capabilities to reinvent the way organizations can explore new ideas, channels or segments and pilot them in the real world.

Unlike “innovation consultancy”, we test assumptions at every step of the way - going from insight to MVP to Pilot in record time.

Expedition is currently in beta with:

Program duration 9 months

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