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Research and Strategic Design

Answering crucial questions by
understanding your customers.

Combining social and data sciences, we understand both what customers do, and why they do it. Then, we can articulate strategies to help you decide how to enter a new market, improve your offering or create an altogether new one.


Exploration Programs

In short sprints, we help you frame the right questions, define methods to get insights and make sense of them in the context of your business.

Our strengths:

  • Qualitative User Research (Field, Ethnography, Interviews, generative sessions)
  • Mapping
  • Insight Generation
  • Concept Ideation and Validation Testing
  • UX and CX Audit
  • Benchmarking and Trend Analysis
  • Value Proposition Design

Program duration 4 - 6 weeks

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Success Stories

We identified what areas to improve in their credit approval process. Designing a smarter and more efficient process, Crédito Real’s conversion rate increased by 20% in the first 6 months of implementation.

  • Type of research: Ethnographic field research.
  • Outcome: A new strategy that increased car loans by 20% in just 2 months.
  • Capabilities: Service design & UX research.

We researched and identified problems in people’s current way of finding their way around the city's Metrobus stations. After generating and testing prototypes we designed and delivered a visual communication system that helps people better navigate across public transportation and easily find their way to unfamiliar locations. View Case Study

  • Type of research: Field research.
  • Outcome: Wayfinding principles that guide the design of signage across the entire system.
  • Capabilities: Ethnographic research, fast prototyping & user interviews.