by design

As designers, we have to have a very wide range of identities and personalities in mind when doing our job. And, what a better way to have different people in mind than being different ourselves?

Our team is intentionally marked by diversity. We come from different countries, backgrounds and cultures. We value individuality and celebrate what makes us unique. We are diverse by design.


  • Octavio Cruz
  • Had Recilla
  • Fabián Luna
  • Syl Alaniz
  • Omar Tosca
  • Kat Bello
  • Luis López
  • Karen Landaverde
  • Migue Martínez
  • Jay López
  • Yuki Shibata
  • Iván Rodríguez
  • Alejandro Torres
  • Ana Betancourt
  • Julia Haro
  • Marco Hernández
  • Marcos Tepole