Scaling-up the leading crypto exchange platform in Latin America

Business Challenge
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Our contribution

Bitso is going after new users: those who are not experts in cryptocurrencies. In the process, they discovered that the current experience of their applications would be an obstacle to achieve it.

Through a month-to-month collaboration with 23, they increased their innovation capabilities. We empower their team with strategists, designers and other specialists allowing them to launch a new app – powerful but straightforward – in record time. We are dedicated to understanding people, genuinely seeking to understand their motivations, needs, and fears.

This led us to live a design process full of useful learnings for today and the future; we question the existing mental models, we iterate thousands of times the user interface, we do findability and discoverability tests and we validate hypotheses with prototypes, all with the sole purpose of simplifying the crypto experience as much as possible. The result has impacted the KPIs and the perception of its users and non-users regarding the company.

User Research, Strategy Workshops, Product Roadmapping, Strategy, User Experience, Interface Design and Interaction, UX Writing

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