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Our contribution

Since 2010, 500 startups has helped more than 2,200 companies thrive in 74 countries.

Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs seek to become part of the batch who will join the 16 weeks of acceleration and receive investment for $60,000.

In 2018, before launching batch 10 in Latin America, the 500 team wanted to improve the experience of the entrepreneurs looking for a place in the accelerator.

It was not the first time we collaborated with them, we had redesigned their website, and we had worked with many of the entrepreneurs in their network.

This time, the team of 500 Startups in Mexico and Latin America discovered that the registry was complicated and many left it for the last minute; that in the first weeks very few enrolled and even less filled the form. It was time to give it a new look and improve the experience of its users.

The challenge was huge since we only had a week to launch the new landing page.

Together we discovered that in addition to improving the experience, it was important to talk about the criteria to apply, how the acceleration process works and the terms of the investment, as well as the benefits obtained by being part of 500 Startups, and of the large companies that supported the initiative.

After the launch, there was a better answer in the registrations during all the weeks, the number of registrations increased to double, the profiles created grew almost 40%, and the number of listings to the batch also increased considerably.

UX, UI, Visual Design